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Shawna Is a versatile, highly organized, and professional individual who excels in building rapport and establishing meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. With a keen ability to comprehend the overarching perspective, she possess the necessary skills to effectively accomplish tasks and achieve desired outcomes. As a proven problem solver, she approaches challenges with determination and employs a strong work ethic to consistently deliver exceptional results. Motivating both self and those she works with to strive for excellence is a key strength of hers.

In handling company data, she prioritizes the utmost confidentiality and treats personal-life information with maximum respect and discretion. Her unwavering commitment to integrity serves as the foundation of My Mainstay VA.


Work Desk

Proficiency in multitasking and prioritization enables her to manage concurrent responsibilities efficiently. She possess excellent customer service skills, ensuring exceptional support and diligent follow-up to meet client needs. Additionally, she excels in event coordination, effectively planning and executing successful events - birthday parties to corporate presentations.

Diplomacy, tact, and friendliness characterize her approach to building relationships and resolving conflicts. She is adept at handling sensitive data securely, ensuring confidentiality at all times.

As a self-motivated individual, she possess a high level of initiative and continuously strives for personal and professional growth. Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite and experience with Adobe Creative Suite further enhance her capabilities. She is well-versed in both Mac and personal computer platforms, and her knowledge extends to IT-related matters.

With proficiency in Google Suite, she leverages its tools to enhance productivity and facilitate seamless collaboration. She is highly trainable, adapting quickly to new processes, technologies, and tasks.

Overall, Shawna brings a wealth of skills and qualities, enabling her to provide exemplary service and contribute to the success of My Mainstay VA's clients and their businesses.


Related Experience

Orange Coast College      Costa Mesa, CA

2014-2016         General Education

2022-2024         Major in Business Management & Leadership

                         Certificate in Computer Information Worker


Pearson Online Learning

Certificate in Event & Wedding Coordination


Mariners Church - Port Mariners

Administrative duties

Vacation Bible School


Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Leadership

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